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Announcing All-Conference Teams
MALA is proud to announce the 2016 All-Conference Awards and Teams...
Article: How Adults Take the Joy Out of Sports
05/31/2016 A...
Role of Parents
Please remember these positive points and help us all to enjoy a...
Announcing All-Conference Teams

MALA is proud to announce the 2016 All-Conference Awards and Teams below. Congratulations players and coaches! Thank you for your hard work and contributions to lacrosse.

Girls Co-Players of the Year: 

Eleanor Mackey (Middleton) and Chinatsu Garey (Sun Prairie)

Girls Coach of the Year: 

John Welke (Sun Prairie)

Girls Assistant Coach of the Year: 

Kate Sauter (Sun Prairie)


Girls 1st Team:

Attack:  Abby Drake (Middleton); Reilly Pfieffer (Waunakee); Nina Raymo (Westside)

Midfield:  Eleanor Mackey (Middleton), Chinatsu Garey (Sun Prairie), Brianna Tarantino (Oregon); Brayden Maass (Sun Prairie); Amanda Best (Verona)

Defense:  Steph Jarosz (Middleton); Ali Welke (Sun Prairie); Elena Herman (Verona)

Goalie:  Nikki Martin (Waunakee); Mia Acker (Middleton, Honorary Mention)


Girls 2nd Team:

Attack: Megan Lois (Verona); Lexi Knudston (Oregon); Morgan Fritzler (Verona); Emma Luhring (Waunakee)

Midfield:  Zoe Jenkins (DeForest); Haley Meskin (Westside); Annika Johnson (Waunakee); Maddie Massmann (LaFollette); Lilli Swenson (Oregon)

Defense:  Sarah McGowan (Waunakee); Ravyn Miller (Sun Prairie); Kelli Blaisdell (Verona)

Goalie:  Kathleen Jankovich (Westside


D1 Boys Player of the Year: 

Jake Keyes (Verona)

D1 Boys Coach of the Year: 

Matt Bock (Middleton)

D1 Boys Assistant Coach of the Year: 

Karl Wahlgren (Middleton)


D1 Boys 1st Team:

Attack: Jake Keyes (Verona); Ian Edwards (Verona); Matt Luhring (Waunakee)

Midfield:  Carter Hottman (Westside); Brigham Borseth (Waunakee); Josh Novotny (Verona)

Defense:  David Romans (Verona); Shane Herkert (Verona); Jim Roberts (Waunakee)

Goalie:  Alex Jones (Verona)

LSM: Kody Sutton (Sun Prairie)

FOGO:  Dom Sabbarese (Verona)


D1 Boys 2nd Team:

Attack:  Lane Wahlgren (Middleton); Andrew Caron (Sun Prairie); Graham Sticha (Verona)

Midfield:  Gavin Parr (Eastside); Noah Mauher (Verona); Sam Noonan (Westside)

Defense:  William Braxton (Middleton); TJ Jenkins (Middleton); Jack Royer (Westside)

Goalie:  Mike Rawson (Waunakee)

LSM:  Bryk Duren (Waunakee)


D1 Boys Honorable Mention:

Attack:  Dan Neil (Westside); Noah Mauher (Verona); Brayden Johnson (Waunakee); Andrew Manning (Eastside); Jack Stormer (Middleton)

Midfield:  Conner Finnegan (Westside); Travis Raffel (Middleton); Tyler Mais (Waunakee); Jake Livesey (Middleton)

Defense:  Cade Hansen (Waunakee); Ben Procknow (Verona); Sam Drake (Eastside); Mitch Schroeder (Sun Prairie)

Goalie:  Adam Kasper (Eastside); Tyler Dohmeier (Middleton); Sawyer Walton (Sun Prairie)

LSM:  Erik Slater (Middleton); Bryk Austin-Duren (Waunakee); Trevor Mardsen (Janesville); Conner Hellenbrand (Middleton)

FOGO:  Will Van Pietersom (Sun Prairie); Owen Frazier (Waunakee); Patrick Stigsell (Verona)


D2 Boys Player of the Year: 

Trent Ricker (Oregon)

D2 Boys Coach of the Year: 

Dave Kean (Oregon)

D2 Boys Assistant Coach of the Year: 

Glen Tomkins (DeForest)


D2 Boys 1st Team:

Attack:  Tanner Gutche (Stoughton); Bryc Thistle (Sauk Prairie); Jordan Gottschalk (DeForest)

Midfield:  Trent Ricker (Oregon); Griffen Traenor (La Crosse); Joey Spahn (DeForest)

Defense:  Ben Juckett (Sauk Prairie); Zach Scheel (Stoughton); Nathan Krueger (Stoughton)

Goalie:  Jack Anderson (Stoughton)

LSM:  Ian Moran (Oregon)

FOGO:  Ben Boldt (Baraboo)


D2 Boys 2nd Team:

Attack:  John Happle (La Crosse); Sam Onsager (Stoughton); Harrison Kessenich (Oregon)

Midfield:  Dylan Gross (Stoughton); Ryan Caflish (Sauk Prairie); Ethan Olson (Stoughton)

Defense:  Conner Girten (DeForest); Gunner Kravchuk (La Crosse); Zach Showers (Sauk Prairie)

Goalie:  Ray Natsin (DeForest)


D2 Boys Honorable Mention:

Attack:  Kody Burdick (Baraboo); Parker Kruckenburg (Stoughton); Aspen Lonetree (Tomah); Zach Rau (DeForest)

Midfield:  Josh Holler (Sauk Prairie); Troy Alcaraz (Tomah); Ben Boldt (Baraboo); Joe Cambio (La Crosse)

Defense:  Zach Hericks (Tomah); Vince Graves (Sauk Prairie); Seth Holder (DeForest); Trent Tschumper (DeForest); Parker Clary (Baraboo)

Goalie:  Kam Gesicki (Sauk Prairie); Riley Fischl (Oregon); Jonah Zdrowski (Baraboo)

FOGO:  Austin Rauls (DeForest)

by posted 07/01/2016
Article: How Adults Take the Joy Out of Sports

A must read for all coaches and parents that talks about returning youth sports to our children. Please take a few minutes to read this short article.

by posted 05/31/2016
Role of Parents

Please remember these positive points and help us all to enjoy a season of fun, fast and exciting lacrosse.

Visit for more information. 

The Role of Parents
You, the parent, are equally as important to your child's positive lacrosse experience as the coach of the team. In order for your child to get the most out of playing lacrosse, it is important that you do the following:

One: Be supportive of your child by giving encouragement and showing an interest in his or her team. Positive reinforcement encourages learning and fun. Research has shown that a ratio of five positive statements (compliments, positive recognition) for each negative statement (criticisms, corrections) is ideal for helping young athletes do their best. Try to maintain a 5:1 ratio in your comments to your child.

Two: Attend games whenever possible. If you cannot attend, ask about your child’s experience, not whether the team won or lost. Some questions that you might ask before asking about the final score include: "Did you try as hard as you could? Did you have fun? Did you learn anything today that might make you a better player in the future?"

Three: Be a positive role model by displaying good sportsmanship at all times to coaches, officials,opponents and your child’s teammates. "Honoring the Game" is an important part of what US Lacrosse represents. Help us by honoring the game in your behavior as a spectator.

Four: Let your child set his own goals and play the game for himself, herself. Be your child’s "home court advantage" by giving him or her your unconditional support regardless of how well he or she performs.

Five: Let the coach coach. Refrain from giving your child advice when he or she is playing. Use positive reinforcement with your child’s coach. Let the coach know when he or she is doing a good job.

Six: Respect the decisions of the referee or umpire. This is an important part of honoring the game. Your child will pay more attention to how you act than to what you say.

Seven: Read the rulebook. A full understanding of the rules will help you enjoy the game and educate others.

Eight: Get to know who is in charge. Meet with the leadership of the program, whether it’s school sponsored or recreational, to discuss topics such as cost, practice and game scheduling, insurance coverage, emergency procedures, etc.

Nine: Get involved! A great way to support your child's lacrosse experience is by becoming a volunteer for the program. Some of the ways you can get involved: keep the scorebook, run the clock, line the fields, manage equipment, chaperon trips, raise funds, organize clinics and team social events, update the team web site, photograph players and organize carpooling.

Ten: Sit back and enjoy the game. Remember, lacrosse is played for FUN.

by posted 02/18/2016
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